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If you're looking for quality art at a great price, you're in luck. At Click To Thrift, we have a wide selection of wall art in all price ranges. Whether your style is modern or classic, minimalist or rustic, we can help you find something that fits your space and your taste. Choose from a variety of paintings, photographic prints, and other media - and don't miss our people & culture selection! We carry pieces from all over the world and can help you find the right piece for your home. From delicate floral patterns to bold abstract art to vibrant graffiti murals, we have wall art in every color imaginable. Find the perfect piece that speaks to you today!


We've hand-picked each piece from local artists around the world. Our carefully curated collection features only works curated by true experts who know what makes great contemporary wall art: originality, skillfulness and passion for their craft! We believe that good taste doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg; so whether you're looking for something simple yet elegant like an oil painting poster, or a more complex piece with multiple layers of colors and shapes!“

An image with many posters of line art from the click to thrift store with many frames

We provide a thoughtfully curated selection so that buyers are not overwhelmed by choice. We regularly update our collection with new works by current and emerging artists, but our focus is on quality, not quantity.

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